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As obvious as the space pope is reptilian, there are Portal Trolls who make Portal Spam, which is designed to piss REAL newgrounds users off and to waste NG's bandwidth. I am going to tell you how to react to this.

1. This is the most important one, never, I mean NEVER, leave a comment saying how terrible it is, that's what the Portal Trolls want.

2. If someone was foolish enough to comment on it and it was an insult to the P. Troll, by all means mark it as helpful, so it stays on the page.

3. If someone is praising the P. Spam or P. Troll for some unexplainable reason, please mark it as useless, so it gets removed.

4. Once you are done marking the comments people make, please vote zero, so it gets a low score, and also go back to it in the future so you can lower its score even more.

5. Finally, this one should be common sense, but people SOMEHOW don't do it enough, PAY ATTENTION TO THE FLASH PORTAL, so much P. Spam gets thru when NG users like you and me don't do our jobs to sift thru the trash that gets submitted to NG every waking moment.